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Virginia Lottery Case Study

X The Money


The Virginia Lottery requested that we develop a media campaign to support a family of Scratchers, and, working under a tight timeline, NDP collaborated with the creative agency to execute a campaign that would demonstrate the game’s winning “multiplier” feature. We were challenged with how to best capture the target audiences’ attention and sell a number of different products through the same campaign.


We conducted target audience research and determined that traditional media would be the most effective way to reach our desired players. We collaborated with the creative agency to identify ways to make the multiplier concept come to life.

In order to break through cluttered media, we recommended with the creative agency a :90-second video with multiplied scenes to build on the multiplier feature in the game. We placed that spot-on broadcast TV—on high-profile programming where our consumer audience is fully engaged—as well as supporting messaging on digital. The campaign reinforced the repetitive/multiplier opportunities to win on the X the Money Scratchers.


The campaign’s goal was to increase sales by 2% and Scratcher sales increased by 16% during the course of the campaign.

The key to this campaign’s success was twofold: (1) our media team’s understanding of the audience and the most effective ways to reach them; and (2) our collaborative planning with the creative agency.


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