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Baton Rouge General Hospital Campaign

"Anticipation" Campaign

Give it a local feel.

Baton Rouge is the melting pot of the South. Its residents are a unique cultural blend who enjoy life to the fullest. Life there is a celebration.

Baton Rouge General has been part of the community fabric for 115 years, helping Baton Rougeans make smart healthcare decisions while living a colorful life and paving the way for more celebrations in the future.


Among all the healthcare providers in Baton Rouge, none have really connected with locals to endear themselves in an honest, authentic, Baton Rouge way.


A television, print, outdoor and digital campaign captured the essence of Baton Rouge-the food, the celebrations, the lifestyle-illustrating how Baton Rouge General understands how to help you live happily, the way you want to, but just a little healthier.

Baton Rouge General - Anticipation Billboard
Baton Rouge General - Backyard Print Ad
BRG-Anticipation video 2
BRG-Anticipation Video 1

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