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Oral Cancer Awareness

Be Aware. Be Very Aware.

Advanced Dental Care of Richmond’s goal is to achieve the best oral health for their patients by promoting dental awareness, education and by providing the highest level of dentistry possible.


In the US, there are 132 new cases of oral cancer diagnosed each day, with someone dying of oral cancer every hour. The majority of oral cancers are found at a late stage. And when discovered too late, there is a 43% death rate. It’s not because oral cancer is hard to discover, it’s because there is not enough awareness to the benefit of screenings.


Eye-catching, in your face really, posters created to generate awareness in oral cancer screenings for both dental patients and the dental industry. Because when found early enough, oral cancer patients have an 80 to 90% survival rate. Seems pretty smart if you ask us.

Oral Cancer Awareness Poster

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