Susan Dubuque writes new book to promote population health

Book provides guidance for healthcare marketers in promoting behavioral change.

A new book written by NDP principal, Susan Dubuque, encourages healthcare marketers to use their skills in new ways to help people make positive lifestyle changes.

Dubuque, a nationally recognized behavioral marketing expert, is the author of “Gearing Up for Population Health: Marketing for Change,” a publication released today by the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) of the American Hospital Association.

Written for the healthcare industry, the book features decades of insights from Dubuque, a Richmond resident who has consulted healthcare marketers since the agency’s founding in 1984. 

“Historically, hospital and health system marketing has concentrated on promoting the utilization of medical services in the fee-for-service environment,” Dubuque says. “But the trend toward population health is shifting the focus to helping people make better choices that improve their health and wellness. Marketers are ideally suited to be a catalyst for this type of change. After all, every successful marketing campaign involves change — specifically, changing the way someone thinks, feels or behaves.” 

Population health is a term used in healthcare to describe the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of outcomes within a group. These groups can include geographic locations, ethnic groups, employee groups or others.

The new publication provides practical information and tools to assist marketers in designing population health plans and communications that are consistent with their organization’s mission and strategic goals. The publication draws from the related disciplines of behavioral and social health, health communication, and public health for sources of inspiration, ideas, strategies, and tactics.

“This model of care and reimbursement requires providers to communicate in personalized ways at scale and change consumer and patient behaviors,” said SHSMD president Ben Dillon. “As the trend continues to grow, SHSMD believes marketers are key to helping hospitals and health systems succeed with population health. And this comprehensive new resource provides a roadmap that prepares them to do just that.”

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