NDP launches Neathawk360

Specialty division elevates agency’s expertise in strategic media solutions

NDP, a full-service advertising and marketing agency headquartered in Richmond, Va., has launched Neathawk360 – a media solutions division with a talented team of experts in all aspects of media planning and buying, analytics, measurement and reporting, as well as digital marketing and creative design.

The division’s 17-member team, which is housed in the Richmond headquarters office, includes media planners, analysts, scrum masters, project managers, developers and media buyers. Given the global scope of today’s complex advertising landscape, Neathawk360 can partner with clients, including other advertising and marketing agencies, in any geographic location.

As its name indicates, Neathawk360 embraces a wraparound “360” approach to the many diverse forms of media that can impact a consumer’s engagement with brands. “At Neathawk360, we focus on the consumer’s experience at every stage of the marketing funnel, delivering a message via a media channel that is specifically tailored for that individual,” said Amy Baril, NDP executive vice president of consumer engagement and leader of Neathawk360. “We want to create innovative, relevant media solutions that inspire, engage and change consumer behavior.”

Neathawk360 crafts “modern media moments” that can be measured, monitored, modified and optimized using the most forward-thinking media tactics available. According to Baril, the team is passionate about aligning a consumer’s media interactions to create opportunities when behavioral change can happen. “Our 360 planners take a holistic view in order to define the best media moments for our target audiences,” she said. “The goal is to build a wider base of loyal customers.”

Brent Morris, CEO of NDP, noted that the media industry as a whole is highly data-driven and Neathawk360 is no exception. “But we take it a step further,” he said. “We want to thoroughly understand the human being behind the data. That’s what drives our media planning and strategies to help clients connect with consumers and heighten brand experiences.”

Roger Neathawk, chairman and a co-founder of NDP, expressed pride in the heritage name that was chosen for the dynamic media solutions division of NDP. “Neathawk360 reflects our 360 approach of literally surrounding consumers with relevant messaging,” he said.

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