Doodle Inspirations – May 22

At NDP we pride ourselves on staying on top of the industry – what’s new, what’s trending, what’s surprised us. Here are a few things from this week that caught our attention and got us talking: 

Fast Company posted an article about boredom – what it is, what actually causes it and how to combat it. We’re all considering how we should change up our routines and keep it interesting. 

Rainer launched a new social campaign titled “Hibeernation Survival Guide.” Quirky just like the brand itself, it reminded us that Rainer beer was Walt Longmire’s favorite from Netflix’s Longmire and set us up for this long weekend’s binge programming. 

Budweiser resurrected their early 2000s “Wassssup” ads with a new COVID twist. Utilizing seemingly the same video as before, a few small tweaks to the copy and closing screen created a refreshing, timely and fun execution that is nostalgic and almost perfect for today. Hats off to Budweiser on this one. 

2006 version 

Today’s version

Spotify is spearheading a syndication led podcasting model, starting with “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Previous attempts via other podcast platforms to go the syndication route have resulted in significant loss of listenership. We’re curious to see how things start shaking out for Joe and Spotify in 2021.

Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat are distracting would be beachgoers with a new scented product. We love their adjustment tactic and ingenuity. Where can I get one? 

As the travel industry has slowed/paused during Covid-19, we’re curious to see how the industry will rebound. Reports discuss how airlines and hotels are focusing on messages of safety to reassure potential guests. With some consumer wariness around leaving home, forecasts are that 2020 will be a popular road trip vacation year, with an uptick in RV travel.