Doodle Inspirations – June 29

At NDP we pride ourselves on staying on top of the industry – what’s new, what’s trending, what’s surprised us. Here are a few things from this week that caught our attention and got us talking: 

The New Yorker got us talking for the 2nd week in a row with their release of “The Right Question Changes Everything” – their new brand campaign currently in beta with digital ads.  Driving the user to a landing page featuring many high-profile stories from the organization over the past few years, the ads combine sometimes playful graphics and thought-provoking questions. Covering a spectrum of topics from “how are emojis born” and “was ‘Buffy’ underrated” to “what does ‘racist’ mean” and “why can’t we police the police,” we value this organization’s voice and their continued work to make hard topics approachable in thoughtful ways.

Some of the many ads running with the “The Right Question Changes Everything” Campaign

The “Stop the Hate for Profit” Facebook boycott started has certainly gained momentum this week. While originally publicly supported by outdoor retailers such as North Face and Patagonia, other big names joined the boycott including Ben & Jerry’s and Eddie BauerVerizon announcing their participation this week feels like the first “big hit” for the boycott as it’s estimated Verizon spend around $1M on Facebook a month. NDP is curious to see what other brands join the boycott, but is more interested to see Facebook’s response. How these decisions impact advertising review protocols for the platform and Facebook’s sister companies like Instagram remain to be seen.

This write up is as of published articles printed on or before Thursday, June 25, 2020. This story continues to develop and is now going beyond just advertising and is pushing into the organic, user-generated content space as well. NDP will continue to monitor this situation as it impacts the larger social space.

Data privacy bubbled up this week in California as a judge granted advocates’ request for a place on the November ballot to vote on the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Written as an amendment to strengthen the protections provided by California Privacy Protection Act (CCPA) adding new definitions, individual rights and broadening enforcement elements, the timing of the granted request – which provided one extra day for filing to be completed to county officials – ensures that California voters will be able to vote on adoption in November of this year vs waiting until 2022.  NDP takes data security and privacy very seriously not only for ourselves as an organization, but for our clients as well. As California tends to be “trendsetters” in many ways, we will continue to watch how this measure will affect enforcement protocols and expands beyond the boundaries of the state.

On June 26, TikTok launched their business platform for marketers. While appearing somewhat limited at its launch and closely resembling its previously available self-serve platform, it does provide a range of case studies and tips regarding what has worked best for the platform and how brands can use it. NDP is excited to see this hub, but are curious to see how the platform evolves over time beyond case studies to more implied advanced benefits or connections for business benefit such as their data hub and AR Brand Effects capabilities.

As Virginia approaches their Phase 3 rollout of reopening post Covid stay-at-home orders, we’ve talked a lot about what is being reported in other states. Texas has had record case numbers and the governor has urged people to stay home. Florida has reported their second highest single day of new cases with Miami reportedly having approximately 25% of the state’s positive test results. California’s hospitalization rate has grown exponentially – especially in the Los Angeles area – driving the governor to contemplate reclosing 10-counties. Mask mandate orders continue to take effect across the country. These stories are a sampling of what’s happening across the country and remind us that while we may be “done” with the virus, the virus isn’t done with us. NDP hopes everyone remains safe and stays smart during these still unprecedented times.