Doodle Inspirations – January 22, 2021

Following a week of many firsts, here are some stories that got us talking last week: :  

While Natty Light is not expensive, they sure know how to spend the money for experiential marketing efforts. Dubbed the “Da Vinci of Debt,” the beer brand has created one of the most expensive pieces of art in the world tipping the scales at representing over $470 million dollars. Constructed with 2,600 college graduate diplomas in the Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station in NYC, this breathtaking, gale-wind design is another installment of to the brand’s 10-year embarkment of helping students and graduates deal with college debt. We love the dimension of the artwork and overall experience this provokes. Props to the brand for thinking through the travel restrictions due to COVID and also partnering with Snapchat in order to make the piece viewable via an Augmented Reality Snap.  

As many cinemas remain closed because of COVID, cinema ad sellers have found new ways to diversify their offering and still reach that key cinema lover. Redbox will now be ad supported and sold by Screenvision Media. This will open advertising opportunities to roughly 40 million customers (per month) through the entire Redbox portfolio including kiosks, app, connected TV and VOD platforms. The partnership has reportedly been in the works for about a year and helped catalyze an acceleration in Screenvision’s business plans to expand beyond traditional pre-show advertising. We like the diversification of this offering, but wonder about the comparability of audiences.

Has anyone been able to perfect the al dente noodle? To help make it easier, Barilla has partnered with Spotify to create pasta-specific playlists that can be utilized in order to achieve the perfect noodle consistency. “Playlist Timer” includes Boom Bap Fusilli, Best Song Penne, Simply Classics Linguine and more. We can’t wait to test out the 8 available playlists and see how they stack up.

With the Super Bowl edging closer, more brands are disclosing their intentions to participate in advertising surrounding the big game. New this year will be music-and-video-sharing app Triller. A competitor of TikTok, the brand is hoping an investment in the highly watched event will help increase their current 65 million monthly users. While we’re not privy to what Triller paid for their air time, we know a national spot in the Super Bowl is estimated to set brands back at least $5.6 million per :30 sec TV spot. We are curious to see if this investment strategy pays off in terms of new users and new investors for the brand.