Doodle Inspirations – December 11

While there were many stories, here are a few things that caught our attention this week:  

We all know mimosas are a staple of weekend brunch. Tropicana encourages parents to sneak this favorite more often in their newest campaign – #TakeaMimoment. Featuring hidden mini-fridges stocked with Tropicana orange juice and champaign, the campaign asks parents to share stories of how they take breaks from their hectic schedules on various social channels. With celebrities like Molly Sims, Gabrielle Union and Jerry O’Connell participating, we’re excited to see what type of engagement this playful campaign will drive for the brand.

Many industries were turned upside down because of COVID and the advertising industry was not immune. While it was projected there would be an upward of 20% reduction in ad sales in 2020 because of COVID, the final results (as analyzed and reported by Magna) painted a different reality. Individual ebbs and flows by industry and medium have ultimately resulted in the US Ad Sales market ending the year 1% down from 2019, and the saving industry was political advertising. If you’re like us, we’re just done with 2020 and hope that Magna’s report rings true for 2021.

The pandemic caused a major shift in consumer behavior. Looking specifically at the grocery/food industry, Instacart issued a new report that revealed that not only did how consumer shop change, but when, where and what adjusted as well.

  • Shopping during normal business hours (9a-5p) increased 32% year over year
  • Meal prep at home increased so spice sales and sauces increased
  • New diets were adopted (keto search term trending)
  • New beverages (alcoholic and non) were tried
  • And more…

All this change was based on a year-over-year comparison in behavior patterns. As an agency rooted in behavior change, we love seeing in-depth analyses like this that use data to show how habits have changed or adjusted based on real-world stressors.

Would you change your hairstyle for a Big Mac? That’s precisely what McDonald’s in Sweden asked consumer to do bringing back the 90s classic hairstyle. With extensions including virtual consultations with an influencer hairstylist and a mobile app, this campaign had some strong legs as the virtual salon was fully booked within two hours of the campaign launching. We love this ode to “subliminal ambassadors” and wonder how this could be adopted across other fashion and beauty trends.