Doodle Inspirations – August 28

At NDP, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the industry – what’s new, what’s trending, what’s surprised us. Here are a few things that caught our attention and got us talking this past week: 

We all know the “give me a break” jingle for one of America’s favorite chocolate bars. In Australia, KitKat adjusted their motto to help open a discussion about mental health. In partnership with R U Ok? – an Australian suicide prevention charity – limited edition bars will hit shelves September 10 against a yellow background stating “Have a break. Ask R U Ok?” hoping to encourage consumers to check in and talk with friends and family. We love this execution’s subtlety and poignancy in addressing an important population health issue.

Though COVID forced many to isolate and quarantine, people still craved human connection and interaction. Dating apps have seen spikes in users and subscribers. According to eMarketer’s report of Q2 activity, there has been a year-over-year jump of 18.4% in smartphone dating app users within the US. Some of the largest apps adjusted their messaging to account for the current social-distance climate, and while you may think this was only a thing during the peak of the pandemic lockdown, the reality is that platforms like Tinder are actually seeing more daily messages and swipes than they did at the end of February. We’re not surprised to see the increase in activity, but will be interested to see when/if a drop-off in platform engagement happens as the world continues to adjust.

CVS has become the latest retailer to offer a media network. CVS Media Exchange is a digital media platform giving CPGs the opportunity to reach specific consumers based on the retailer’s shopping data. Leveraging loyalty and category shopper information, the network will allow validate-able effectiveness of campaigns based on both online and offline sales information. While this is a nice “closed loop” system allowing reach of specific CVS shoppers, we look forward to seeing if CVS opens up the network to other advertisers beyond just those with products available within their domain/brick & mortars.

Using data and listening to consumer insight has led to the launch of an innovative beverage line in Canada. Truss Beverage Company, the partnership of Molson Coors Canada and a Canadian cannabis producer (HEXO Corp), has released five cannabis beverages across the country. Started by listening to barriers-to-entry for potential cannabis users in Canada, this new product line launch also features an interesting tchotchke – a pack of “rolling papers” that will help consumers create an eco-friendly paper straw to drink the beverage with. We love the humor and out-of-the-box thinking with this “surprise and delight” giveaway.