Gift-giving fun with the Virginia Lottery’s Holiday Scratchers

How media activations drove business success


The Virginia Lottery needed to increase year-over-year sales of their five holiday-themed scratchers, and sell out their New Year’s Eve Raffle tickets. Part of their annual challenge is breaking through the typical holiday advertising clutter. Another hurdle is reaching consumers who may not be part of their core player audience, like consumers who give scratchers as gifts.


Due to the short holiday sales cycle (generally 6-8 weeks), we implemented a heavier than average media buy to immediately impact sales. Our plan emphasized streaming video and audio, while contextual placements and social platforms provided engagement opportunities to speak directly to infrequent players.


Our cost-effective, multi-channel media plan surpassed the Virginia Lottery’s goals to increase year-over-year sales of holiday scratchers.

Stated Goal: 3-5%

Achieved Goal: 7%

Overall ROI Achieved: 13:1